How it Works

We work with our clients in one of two unique ways:

  • Investment Planning – Receive all the benefits of investing with no effort on your part. An advisor comes alongside to you develop a personal financial plan that allows you to feel confident with your financial self and that allows you to invest and grow your wealth.
  • Money Box – Take control of your financial world. Money Box is a complimentary offering from InvestingUnder35 that gives you everything you need to become financially savvy.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Watch our short video for self starters to find out how to get off the ground with your financial plans. Once you’re done click the button below to gain more tailored insight on how to reach your goals.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is our unique approach to financial planning and investment management. An advisor will come alongside you to learn about you and what your best life now looks like. With a clear picture in mind, we will create a personal financial plan that will bring confidence to your financial life and which will enable you to invest and make your money work for you.

When you work with us through our Investment Planning service you receive:

  • Comprehensive Financial Overview that determines where you are today
  • Personal Financial Website created just for you, this website allows you to aggregate all the financial accounts in your life for a clear and central location
  • Personal and Simple Financial Plan that secures your today and focuses on making your money work for you through investments  
  • Proactive and Ongoing Investment Management a financial expert always has an eye on your investments so you don’t have to.
  • Unlimited Comprehensive Financial Advice personalized to your situation and goals. Have a question? We have an answer
  • Quarterly In-Person Reviews to make sure you and your investments are on track
  • Genuine Relationship – We count our clients as some of our closest friends  

No matter how much you have invested with InvestingUnder35, the fee for active portfolio management is one percent annually of assets under management.

Money Box

New to investing? Never worked with a Financial Advisor before? Money Box was created just for you!   

Money Box is a complimentary offering designed to help you take control of your financial world; while learning what it is like to work with a financial advisor.

Sign up for Money Box and receive:

  • 30 Minute Introduction Call to get to know each other
  • Personal and Simple Financial Plan designed to show you the power of actionable financial advice
  • Personal Financial Website that allows you to aggregate all your financial accounts into one clear and central location
  • Trusted Financial Education provided to make you financially savvy
  • Automatic Budgeting Tools with custom alerts and reports. Want all the benefits of a budget with none of the work? This is for you.
  • Personal Online Vault used to store all of your important documents now and forever
  • Monthly Portfolio Reviews that will determine actionable investment advice for you and to help you learn the value of having a professional investor on your side.
  • Unlimited Tech Support to help you on your journey of becoming financially savvy

We want to see our generation become financially savvy and successful.

Complimentary Portfolio Review

There are 3,700 publicly traded companies in the US alone and over 10,000 investment funds to choose from. No financial advisor can be familiar with all of the investment choices.

We believe your financial health is just as important as your physical health. You would get a second opinion on a major medical procedure and you should be doing the same with your investment portfolios.

We offer complimentary portfolio reviews to make sure you are invested correctly and to provide you with some investment ideas. Our complimentary reviews are delivered with no further obligations.